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Shaanxi Chenlong Trade Co., Ltd. is northwest famous children's clothing brand promotion operation enterprises. Since its establishment in 1993, has been committed to the promotion of children's wear brand operation, the current company's Cocoa Bonnie children's wear brand operations center, the snow leopard children's clothing line, down jacket operations center independent operation mechanism. The cocoa Bonnie children's wear brand operations center independent operation frog prince, card sail of domestic famous brand, the image of stores, shops have been in the center of the city blossom everywhere, more than 50. The snow leopard's children's clothing line with toot, A Bolong Jun, Ai J Keith, Dick Cowboy and other famous brands, sub distributors has reached more than 300, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia throughout the five northwestern provinces. At the same time have surplus lake, the Beatles, PA gas principal brand in the down jacket operation center. At present our company operation mechanism is mainly located in the northwest business center, Daniel mall, colorful new world and other clothing accumulation area. Our company attaches great importance to team building, advocating humanism, continuously improve the comprehensive quality of the team, now has a group of elite marketing, responsible for the promotion of the brand in the northwest area and maintenance work. With the continuous introduction of new brands, marketing team is constantly growing, the network construction of our company will be accelerated further, the gradual expansion of market share, at the same time I focus on network construction and maintenance, and constantly provide our dealers to provide quality products, satisfactory service and pragmatic management, process operation in the brand market, realize "three party" win-win.
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