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Ningbo wanlichun Knitting Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Ningbo wanlichun Knitting Co., Ltd. founded in 1983, production and operation of 12-18 pin high, mid-range sweater, cashmere sweater, high-grade underwear, T-shirt, velvet jacket as the leading products of private enterprises. The company is located in Ninghai County, Ningbo City, Merlin streets, "Yong Lin line" highway running through the entrance of the company. Company of North 65 kilometers away from the urban area of Ningbo, Ningbo airport 54 kilometers, 10 kilometers south from Ninghai County, convenient transportation. And the East China Sea coast of the port of Xiangshan near the tail, the Yangmeilin reservoir, beautiful environment. The company covers an area of 12000 square meters, of which construction area of 9800 square meters, the existing staff of more than 500 people. Have a hand in machine 200 Taiwan, 12 pin 16 pin 200, pin 100 Taiwan 18 Taiwan and the international most advanced Germany 14 - 16 pin STOLLSMS series fully automatic computer flat knitting machine control equipment and a full set of finishing and product detection of advanced technology and equipment, with an annual output of 500000 pieces (sets) of all kinds of sweaters. The design center has a personality, mature, strong technology development team, every quarter can design new balance of the 200, the product is popular in domestic market and export to the United States, Britain, Japan, Italy. At the same time, the famous brand OEM processing at home and abroad. Ten thousand springs to create and develop the brand as a strategic goal. Since the beginning of 1994 has been awarded the city, county, heavy contract, Shou Credit units, county power engineering enterprises, in 1995 was named "Ningbo famous brand products" (1999, 2003 through the review), in 2003 and was identified as "well-known trademarks of Ningbo city". In recent years, "Wan Lichun" become the international wool Bureau of pure wool mark license to use designated manufacturers and sweater manufacturers cooperation with its excellent quality; International Wool Bureau and Chinese woolen fabric industry association of pure wool sweater quality ability on brand mark, and continuous won the "China with industry best brand", "famous China the brand" and other honorary titles. At the same time, "Wan Lichun" with its advanced technology and excellent quality, from 2001 to 2003 for 3 consecutive years by the Chinese sweater textile industry association as "outstanding products China wool knitted apparel". Spring is infinite, infinite vitality. Wanlichun woollen sweater - style from nature! We abide by the "customer satisfaction" for business purposes, we sincerely welcome the patronage of customers at home and abroad.
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Contact:   Mr. Shang
Addr:   Zhejiang  Ningbo  Zhejiang province Ningbo City Chengguan town Ninghai Meilin Industrial Zone