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Founded in 2001, Zhejiang joy clothing enterprises, is a professional garment enterprises set of clothing production, clothing design, clothing sales, the main business is garment manufacturing, leisure clothing production, imitation mink garment production, imitation mink cashmere clothing production, clothing design, composite type clothing production, washing clothes making and all kinds of products in one design of garment enterprises. Over the years, Zhejiang garment enterprises in joy letter in good faith, quality, delivery, service and the purpose, so that enterprises continuously improve and development, make the enterprise competition advantage to the more high-grade raise another step. Joy apparel is a professional engaged in the design and production of fashion clothing manufacturers. Principle of "quality first, the credibility of the first purpose, has good visibility and reputation in the clothing industry, for domestic and foreign enterprises, providing customers with quality products. For you and your business to produce more novel styles, excellent quality and beautiful dress. Joy is to provide professional engaged in foreign trade clothing inventory clothing, brand clothing, Japan and South Korea the latest surface, materials, technology and channels, to maximize the service to enterprises in wholesale and retail sector, the main business of the compound class sport and leisure, washing suits, trousers, imitation mink clothing asbestos, imitation mink cashmere, wool like apparel goods in the four seasons. Joy dress on "specialization, branding, scale" for the business objectives, "cheap" business philosophy, "good faith" as the fundamental operation, based on the working class, manifests the product operating characteristics, take advantage of the scale, product sales nationwide, and exported to South Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia, Canada, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Chile and many other countries.
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