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Shenzhen Chino-E Garments Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shenzhen Chino-E Garments Co., Ltd is a professional registered in Hongkong engaged in fashion brand enterprises to invest in the international investment group company, has a wholly-owned subsidiary of the fashion fabric production enterprises, processing enterprises, the whole series of fashion apparel design and production team. EBONY will be the Spanish National abstract, mysterious, romantic national unique aesthetics into the EBONY brand soul, EBONY set life, business, leisure as one, mainly in the 25-40 years old female fashion, as the main consumption, product positioning in high-grade, the price to go low on the line, in order to reach consumers, joined the business, enterprise three the co
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Addr:       Shenzhen Baoan District Xixiang labor first industrial area A16 building 3 floor