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With the continuous development of domestic fashion in recent years, China's clothing market mainly takes leisure, sports, fashion and other costumes as the dominant market, and more and more brands are becoming more and more competitive. However, there is a pattern featuring clothing products that occupy an increasing market share in the fashion market, and there are not many brands involved. This is the color picture clothing, which is more and more popular among young people with the most popular clothing style as the carrier and the exquisite pattern as the clothing feature. The color picture T-shirt is the most representative product in the color picture costumes, because its most popular market base is suitable for both young and old, but it is precisely because of its wide audience, huge market and do Rue Newma, but the style of production is always several kinds, and the homogenization problem is serious. A style often has hundreds of thousands of pieces, without individuality, especially the printed T-shirt, the pattern is mainly based on the popular pattern circulated on the Internet. With very few personalization products, Carol's home, COLOR-HOME, has created a new color map style based on Oriental civilization and based on Western ideas. On the basis of absorbing and deconstructing different elements of art and life, it is reinterpreted with different carriers, showing national traditions and characteristics of the times, so that each product has its own unique "personality" face, which fills the blanks of personalized products in the T-shirt market. Carol's home? COLOR-HOME has a professional garment production line and pattern printing factory. It chooses the best quality clothing materials, imports environment-friendly printing ink, insists on the original and exquisite patterns as the soul of the products, plus the appeal of lovers and paternity with the concept of emotion, and each product is limited to sell, so that consumers can really love it. Sincerely invite you to join us! For details, please visit our website: Changzhou shirt country (color chart) Clothing Co., Ltd. contact address: Contact 1608, room 19, Jiahong Century Towers, No. 1608 Yanling West Road, Changzhou: Li Xingju (Marketing) contact number: 0519-88169757 customer service
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