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Hongkong Rui Bang International Fashion Group Co., Ltd. RuibangofHongKongInternationalLifestyleGroupCo., Ltd. Sai Luo Er brand operation management center sainorinfantsbrandmanagementoperationcentreSNR Sai Luo Er Clothing Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, is a fashion sales oriented clothing group company. SNR has been adhering to the traditional western culture and integrating into the fashion and trend of Japan and Korea. It pays attention to the appearance structure of the products, the new layering collocation and the change of every subtle link. The style is unique, with the avant-garde, the alternative but not the publicity, and the perfect combination of individuality and loose wear concept. The brand is set up for 20-35 year old fashion women. It is mainly based on the mass consumer class, with a moderate price and a modern style of youth and fashion. At the same time, it is steady and mature. Sai Luo Er's shop, knitted sweater, scarves and suits provide rich free play space and important life elements for high quality women. Sailo women's waist waist shape processing is quite good, coupled with three-dimensional cutting, wearing more dynamic, the women's ability and charm in one, vividly put the other side of the female fashion performance perfect.
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Contact:   Cheng Ben Lin
Addr:   around   Chengdu   Save.60 11, building 59, Shangdu dress Plaza, Chunxi Road, Chengdu.