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The French caloy Ua International Group Limited Brand
Business Model
KALUOYI (caloy) is a set design, production, marketing as one of the international garment enterprises. The enterprise has given a cutting-edge creative design group. Its flagship brand (CLLOE) temperament design concept and Oriental cultural fusion in the French fashion romantic in the soft elegant, to create a "personality, fashion, leisure, romantic, elegant, exquisite" KALUOYI (caloy) style. And with the unique design concept and the popular material and suitable cutting. The use of cotton with elastic worsted, stretch silk and other international fashion fabric, personal comfort, body is strong, exquisite curve full women's graceful; the proper use of traditional classical embroidery, printing, beads and other process, the main colors include fine lattice bar, flower pattern, pink, bright color, clean color, new era women's fashion personality alone I style most incisive interpretation. To create confidence, wisdom and free matching dress space for modern women. KALUOYI (caloy) brand philosophy is to create life, leading the fashion, let women play a character show the grade, in the style of brand positioning as the design foundation, grasp the international fashion elements of the current year, the rapid collection of the latest international fashion information resources, permanent go fashion personality before along, emphasizing the wearing comfort, pursue line concise and smooth, show female personality taste, fashion taste. KALUOYI (caloy) brand positioning in the 25 - to 40 year old women in the city. Welcome home and abroad and large and medium-sized cities apparel distributors to join! Our aim is to "mutual benefit and common development, to heart cooperation, chief market". Enterprises to use modern management mode and marketing idea, perfect after-sales service and joined the tracking system, developed a sales management and promotion of the target program is a series of steps, there is the strength is committed to expanding the franchise chain monopoly network to join. KALUOYI clothing is to meet the spiritual realm to show the infinite charm of her personality and meticulous, fashion classic.
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Contact:   Guo Ying
Addr:   Zhejiang  Wenzhou  Kai Yu Garden in Lucheng District of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 6 4F