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Proud wing (Shanghai) Garment Co., Ltd. is a research and development design, production, sales in one of the fashion brand, OETY adhere to the design concept of concise syncytial cutting style, with the public service orientation. The mainstream consumer groups for 23-38 the pursuit of fashion, high quality of life of men. Win the market with the pursuit of freedom, happy design principle, quality service concept. Oety built the first belongs to the Chinese, and even the entire Asia fast fashion brand. A tip of the tide brand kingdom. Oety is a franchise chain of direct sale brand. Free, independent, enthusiasm, happiness is the essence of the oety brand pursuit. Oety Mens by proud wing (Shanghai) dress limited company R & D, design, production, sales, with 23 to 38 years of age, the pursuit of fashion, high quality of life of men is the mainstream consumer groups, to win the market with the concept of quality service. For the modern urban young men to provide a new way of life and taste in clothes. Oety brand concept: freedom of flapping wing, wild glide! Oety slogan: warlords, with a wingspan of grand! "Well dressed, but not dissipate one's fortune", this is the fast fashion win over the customer the most touching a dialogue. When the European and American countries fast fashion brand into Chinese even Asian, we will find the wardrobe, people are constantly changing, a season and a season's fashion is our income wardrobe, along with the people to the dress collocation and individuality clothing needs, those expensive and inflexible set almost in our sight, the attendant, a popular is every season of a single product, different styles and materials of a single product, making twenty-first Century new-new generation trying different collocations and personality. Nowadays, everyone familiar with and care are most of Europe and the United States fashion brands, such as: Spain's ZARA, USA's GAP and Sweden's H&M, and almost invisible Chinese native fast fashion brand, and oety, is to create a belongs to China, and even the entire Asia fast fashion brand, no longer only simple clothing, there are different styles of jewelry, more infuse Chinese elements, let China local culture on the international! The so-called fast fashion is to "fast and hard, accurate" as the main feature, drive the global fashion trends. Fast fashion clothing always follow chase season trend, new products to the store speed, window display transformation frequency is two times a week. And run in the same groove features instant time "for speed". Fast fashion speed, ultra high frequency update, always follow the trend of the characteristics, let the pursuit of fashionable people scramble for, simple procurement. Oety has done fast fashion such a level in this regard, the goods time, parity and closely follow the trend of fashion. To achieve the fast fashion effect. Modern men's clothing increasingly high demand for the oety, more and more, also conforms to the current trend, create more in line with the modern young men's clothing, let the public understand the fast fashion China occupy a space for one person is in the market. Our objective is to provide the dress style and taste of life is not the same as a modern young men. Proud wing team of one mind, committed to "OETY" become the domestic fast fashion men's trusted brand, and modern urban fashion young consumers preferred brand. For the modern urban young men to provide a new way of life and taste in clothes.
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