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The international famous brand "ABO" from the American, American ABO Group International Limited company is a clothing as the main body of the diversified industrial group. Mainly engaged in product design, a full range of clothing production and sales. Companies adhere to the development strategy of brand management, the management of its "ABO" brand since 1929 listed in the American market, with apparel products rich structure, multi-level price combination, mature brand mode of operation, has achieved remarkable results.


founded the company, Usa Inc, development and growth, the formation of the global radiation sales network. Along with the international economic integration era, American ABO Group International Limited has established a ABO exclusive base on all continents. At present the company in the brand management strategy to men as the core series products, focus on product development, formed with the jacket, cotton padded clothes, Casual Shirts, casual pants, shirts, T - shirts, suits, wool sweater, cashmere sweater, underwear series products structure based series of men's accessories supplement. The design of the product to the internationalization of business and leisure development trend, leading the global business casual.

early in twentieth Century to enter the market in Southeast Asia, the establishment of the Asia Pacific Design center. With the Chinese Beijing Olympic Games is coming, and the firm USA ABO Group International Limited Development Chinese confidence in the market, with access to the mainland market, America ABO Group International Limited was formally completed the overall arrangement in the world. The development of Future Ltd, based in Europe and the United States will continue, and will continue to expand the market for global development, a full range of promotional work for the realization of "mode" leisure life business world.

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