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Xi'an fashion model occupation training school is Shaanxi's only one approved by the education sector have formal teaching qualifications of professional training school model. The school was founded in 1999, under the leadership of the management committee China occupation model. The school set up the model of vocational skills training, the college entrance examination comprehensive model training and many other educational system model training system in Institutions of higher learning models show undergraduate art kind examinee examination content organization and in strict accordance with China's labor and social security issued by the Ministry of "fashion model of national vocational qualification standards" and the provisions of the Ministry of education teaching. Through the systematic training of students, so that students master the covered the career included fashion theory, model performance, makeup, sketch, color, artistic accomplishment and personal image development of a series of skills for students in the future lay a solid foundation of professional models, graduation qualification grade certificate issued by the China model professional models committee. Xi'an fashion model school since the school actively promoting Xi'an's fashion culture spread and development efforts for the Xi'an cultivate excellent model talent, train a number of outstanding professional model. To promote the development of the fashion industry. Xi'an fashion model of the mission of the school is "Xi'an fashion, the pursuit of creativity, shape model." To the training and selection of both international and professional level and high quality models talents. At present Xi'an fashion model school is a nationally recognized the most professional level and influence, and has comprehensive qualification model professional school entrance examination.
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