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Tao Yumei _ Nanjing Tao Yumei clothing design industry Co. Ltd. Brand:Yu Mei Tao
Business Model
Nanjing Tao Yumei dress design industry limited company by repeatedly won national and provincial awards Ms. Tao Yumei founded the clothing design competition. The company was founded in 1996, registered capital of five million, mainly engaged in " Tao Yumei " brand series of Chinese clothing and clothing accessories, shoes and hats and other related products design, production, development. After nearly eight years of hard work and efforts, has now developed into a set design, production, sales as one of the modern garment enterprise, and has a group of senior professional designer and skilled tailoring, proofing personnel.

" Tao Yumei " research, development and innovation of the Chinese clothing brand clothing is committed to the implementation of brand strategy, the brand of the road. She to fit clipping, elegant decoration bring out the natural beauty of Oriental women graceful, show women unique mysterious, noble and pure, favored by the vast number of consumers at home and abroad. The fashion charm lies in the aesthetic of traditional costume with modern methods, fully demonstrated Oriental women virtuous, elegant, gentle, elegant and unique temperament, perfect reappearance of traditional and modern values, make it become the flow of beauty, beauty of the orient. As an enterprise legal person and the designer's Ms. Tao Yumei, advocated the clothing people-oriented, take the market demand as the guidance, make the clothing both artistic and full of life. The company every month to launch 10 new balance, make full use of cotton, hemp, then, cowboy, brocade, corduroy fabric, burnt out velvet, chemical fiber fabrics, let consumers have different levels in the " Tao Yumei " to find suitable for their own consumption positioning of the brand in the Chinese style clothing.

MS Tao Yumei stressed that " is silent language; clothing display " personality; so must Seiko secret agents. Therefore, " high quality products, perfect service is the consistent aim of the company ". The production, management and the company has a complete quality assurance system, and always put the product quality as a fundamental of business survival, and at the end of 2001 through the ISO9001 quality system certification. Every year the company to invest large amounts of feedback cards, to the views of consumers in the first place. The company has specialized departments to deal with all kinds of products after sale service problems, and develop effective customer service service program and system. The product has since put into production, without the occurrence of quality complaints, customer satisfaction rate of 100%, good feedback, products have been in the country more than 10 provinces, dozens of area of open market, the province each big city has " Tao Yumei " their counters, the yield increased by 30% annually. In 2000, " Tao Yumei " is awarded as famous trademark of Nanjing City, at the same time, " Tao Yumei " women has also been rated as brand-name products in Nanjing city. In 2004 Tao Yumei was rated "brand-name products in Jiangsu province" and "famous brand of Jiangsu province" title.
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