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Business Model
Wusefengma clothing company's products is to Chinese traditional fabrics and cultural elements into the international fashion mainly designed with strong ethnic characteristics, the exotic city leisure women, in addition to the same original self-made leather, and with national characteristics accessories etc.. Consumption object location with the high quality culture and the basis of the economy in the city from 25 to 45 years old between, the pursuit of simple, natural, elegant, harmonious, unique modern beautiful women. The clothing style natural refined without losing the elegant, smooth lines, refined version of type, simple atmosphere, clothing fabric with natural fiber, hemp, cotton, let women enjoy the delicate and charming sentiment, experience simple charm of national culture, in the comfortable feel more close to nature. Therefore, since the introduction of the "wusefengma" brand after many clothing brand talent showing itself, and by many praise in the industry. Most of the members of
company by a group of high-quality young talents, in their efforts, the company developed rapidly in recent years, under the brand "wusefengma WSFM" marketing and sales network in Beijing area have been outside 10 stores, 23 franchise stores, marketing products throughout the country and overseas areas. And still keep the powerful momentum continues to thrive and grow. In the future, "wusefengma" will continue efforts, national costume elements applied for thousands of years of cultural accumulation, and make due contributions to the creation of fashion and promote the localization and the style of clothing design.
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