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    温州市瓯海潘桥利益机械厂专业生产“立洲牌"鞋机:产品有, LZ-折边机,LZ-烫金机,LZ-热转印机,LZ-烫画机,LZ-上胶机,LZ-油压机,LZ--锤平机,LZ-擂平机,LZ-烫平机,LZ-压合机,LZ-除皱机,LZ-打码机,LZ-油边机,LZ-切条机,LZ-削皮机,LZ-抛光机,LZ-砂轮机,LZ-吹线机,LZ-鞋钉检测仪,LZ-调温皮面整理机,LZ-折皱机,LZ-滚平机,LZ-定型机,LZ-划线机,LZ-切带机,LZ-压条机,LZ-钉扣机,LZ-切割机,LZ-手压机,LZ-气压机,LZ-装跟机,LZ-钉枪架,LZ-港宝沾湿机,LZ-烘箱等利益制鞋机械和烫金器材  

    本厂以"一切为了制鞋业服务"为企业经营理念,利益机械厂已为众多鞋业制造商生产出高质量的利益牌鞋机产品。 Interest machinery to first-class product quality, reasonable price, handsome shape and improve after-sales service to win customers trust and praise, the interests of commodity "Li Zhou" brand products sell well all over the country and exported to many countries and regions. Throughout much of the user's praise!

Main Products

The production of bronzing machine, glue machine, coding machine etc. bronzing equipment and machine
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Contact:   Ding Qunyi
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Wenzhou City  Pan Bridge of Ouhai zone of Hexi high Tong Road No. 91