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The other side _ Xiamen Shen Pei Garment Co., Ltd. Brand:The other shore
Business Model
Consumer positioning:
18 - 35 years old, confident and independent, intelligent wisdom, original taste, can the harmonious tradition and modern social type, relationship between reality and dream of women.

product positioning style:
"the other shore" in "a home" to the beautiful faith, pursue fashion, modern city style elegant fair maiden, concise, generous loading. Within the design convergence and peaceful expression of persistent personality, with the women's all-weather need to wear, emphasizes real wear and collocation. For women in the city to create a stylish, simple romance.

dress occasions positioning:
office, conference, exhibition and other social, business places; Chinese and Western restaurants, cinemas, Coffee hall, shopping malls and other places of leisure. Price positioning:

products in low price, suitable for city women with the most reasonable expenditure, enjoy the value of dressing experience, outstanding in the noisy city stand.
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Contact:   Miss Cai
Addr:     Xiamen  5F 27 financial buildings apricot road Xiamen District Jimei City