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Business Model
Hangzhou Mengzi dress Co. Ltd is located in the scenic West Lake in Hangzhou, is a comprehensive company set product development, production, sales in one of the clothing enterprise. Under the "Zi Xiu" take the market demand as the guidance, absorbing the elements of life as the design inspiration, its products with elegant, fashion, self-confidence and without losing the design style of calm in the market and achieved great success, has won the "Chinese famous brand", "China top ten brand of female trousers" and so on.

was a show, with a grateful heart to pay attention to every detail of the terminal operation! Over the years, Zi Xiu from the fundamental interests of the dealers and the franchisee's departure, path will be "regional bulk batch" and "brand monopoly" the combination, walked out of a their own marketing road, after development and its model improving for many years has entered a mature stage, the present agents nationwide more than 20, the strength of the "regional brand stores more than 300.

was show, let love beautiful, focus on the pants industry. Products using imported fabrics, have seven years of fine trousers production, quality control experience. As the "top ten brand of female trousers, Chinese" Zi Xiu is a company with imported advanced equipment, a large number of personnel of the large and medium-sized enterprises.

Zi Xiu, in order to better service channel distributors, products to meet the market demand, we continue to enhance the hardware equipment is perfect interior management mechanism and product R & D and production system. In 2005 the company invested about 3000000, to conduct a comprehensive upgrade of the company production equipment. 2006 for $about 8000000 to introduce the Japanese heavy machine a series of imported advanced equipment, its R & D and production base for expansion to the current more than 1 square meters, production workers from 100 people to more than 600 people, the annual output from several hundred thousand to about 1000000, in order to truly ensure Zi Xiu R & D, production of quick response ability to market demand.

since 2003, was show with "regional brand stores" this unique business model out of a their own marketing road with the heart of Thanksgiving, and joined the business in this way, common development and common profit and all over the country. Zi Xiu is successful, Zi Xiu success and was also belongs to show hand each franchisee, in the future a longer period of time, was a show will develop as always pay attention to channel and terminal franchisee, together with you to create brilliant tomorrow, will be more confident to respect nature and beauty of female friends.
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