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Na Wei _ Iraq Iraqi city of Dongguan Na Wei Clothing Co., Ltd    No Member

Na Wei _ Iraq Iraqi city of Dongguan Na Wei Clothing Co., Ltd Brand:Yi Nawei
Business Model
Yi Nawei (Hongkong) Group Co., Ltd. is the Italy Iraq Na Wei INUOVI brand in the Asia Pacific region full operation mechanism (Asia Pacific headquarters).

Yi Nawei (Hongkong) group of the success of the company from Italy to introduce cutting-edge fashion brands: INUOVI/ Yi Na Wei. INUOVI/ was introduced Chinese Yi Na Wei, settled in Dongguan, and from under the Dongguan Iraq Na Wei clothing Limited company the sole agent in the Greater China region of the business / sales / management. Dongguan Yi Na Wei clothing Limited company of all production equipment imported in developed countries, Italy, Germany, Japan etc.. Iraq Na Wei brought international fashion concept generals led to a new round of China fashion. Its charm dumped all kinds of persons in the circle of fashion and celebrity. The spirit of "people-oriented" management policy and "high customer satisfaction is the only goal," our business philosophy, Iraq Na Wei group company development of continuous improvement, have merged and to establish a set of mature internationalization management, integrated marketing system and elite group of large, within a short period of time the market to establish a good brand reputation. To market positioning segmentation field different, push Iraq Na Wei group companies continue to brilliant Tengda.
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Contact:   Mr. Xie
Addr:   Guangdong  Dongguan  Guangdong Province Dongguan city Humen town nine door Zhai's Huandao Road No. 6