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Card Luo Lai fashion design (Wuhan) Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Department of   Cabrera famous French designer fashion brand founded in 1967. The 1986 Hongkong card Luo Lai Group acquired "-- Cabrera brand of LYMH group (" design card Luo Lai fashion cabrielle was founded in 1999 (Wuhan) Co. Ltd is a fashion brand, Cabrera Chinese only designated agent. The company is mainly responsible for the promotion and production Chinese Cabrera fashion brand in mainland. Amp; nbsp; amp; nbsp; BR company implement franchise sales management strategy, unified style stores, unified network management, so that Cab Ray La is up to more than 200 in the domestic sales network, in which more than 120 stores. Melky Cabrera's brand positioning in the 29-39 year-old female urban fashion, the fusion of eastern and Western culture, clothing slim smooth, soft colors, elegant, exquisite detail quality, rich, free collocation, to create a free and implicative, fashionable yet elegant temperament and offbeat female image, and formed the unique style of the brand.
Main Products
Women's clothing brand
Contact information
Contact:   Cabrera Cabrielle
Addr:   Hubei Province  Wuhan City  River Economic Development Zone, Huangpu science and Technology Park industrial route No. 20 building No. 4