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The French BRANDISH (Puladisi) China Office Brand
Business Model
  BRANDISH (Pla Dis) comes from fashion romantic France's top business leisure fashion brand, the brand founder Mr. Pradi graduated from the French
                                  MOSSAC Institute of fashion design, emphasizing the classical philosophy and focuses, spiritual culture of europe. By his father enlightenment to rigorous attitude engaged in creative, challenging the garment industry, Mr. Pradi resolute yet elegant, confident and not make public, to the clothing taste with high talent, the traditional crafts fine elegant, simple and elegant style, comfortable, through elaborate collocation, noble subtle design, comfortable to wear and easy to take care of the properties, expansion Puladisi brand art, the humanization of the road of innovation, in 1970 opened the first store in the famous commercial street in Paris, the pursuit of BRANDISH (Puladisi) brand into the international brand development journey.
Main Products
Men's clothing brand
Contact information
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Hangzhou City  Jianguo North Road, No. 639 / Huayuan development building room 1302