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Xinhuang (Xiamen) Chemical Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
  the main manufacturing products are: moisture curing polyurethane high light oil, water-based polyurethane PU resin, low lead high pigment water, metal complex dyes, NY not yellow Bianguang oil, NY oil, PU constant extinction light yellow light oil, oily pigment paste and various kinds of leather auxiliaries and other series of chemical products at home and abroad.
Main Products
Leather aqueous polyurethane resin; PU specular light oil; gender dye water and oil water; leather leather auxiliaries; waterborne coating; leather oily color paste; acrylic resin; water-based wax emulsion; color soft oil; aqueous PU cracking resin; matte gold oil; invariant gold oil;
Contact information
Contact:   Wu Juntai
Addr:   Fujian Province  Xiamen City  The Lake District of Xiamen city in Fujian province Xin xinjingdi building C District 8 floor 08 unit