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Steve Ember Garments Co. Ltd. of Hangzhou Brand
Business Model

Hangzhou ember Garments Co. Ltd. is a professional production of Hangzhou children's apparel products company, founded in 1992, is a collection of children's clothing design, production, sales in one of the modern children's brand clothing enterprises. The main business of the company "Er Bo" children's wear brand clothing, also developed a "happy time" series of children's products, spring, summer, autumn festival in children's leisure clothing series, cowboy series mainly. Winter production children down series product, have a children's fashion, Dynamic down jacket series, feather underwear series, down pants series. Making shebei300 more than the company has imported more than 100 million pieces, annual production capacity of children's clothing, products are mainly sold to various regions of the country, by the vast number of business customers.

Hangzhou ember clothing Limited company established international enterprise operation mode to ISO9001:2000 quality system as the center, is China down industry association to ensure the credibility of signs of enterprises, vigorously implement the quality of survival Deposit, rely on the market, to management for efficiency, customer as the fundamental, "integrity to win the world" of the enterprise purpose, continuous performance improvement strategy. People-oriented, steady development. Enterprise by Hangzhou product quality promotion office Recommended as the "quality trustworthy product demonstration unit", enterprise products are awarded as "Zhejiang quality trustworthy product", won the second China BrandName Expo "Gold Award", Zhejiang outstanding brand awareness etc..

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