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Hangzhou Egerman Garment Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model

Egerman Hangzhou fashion limited company, headquarters is located in Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, people and Ling Jie an earthly paradise -- Hangzhou, is a professional design, production, sale, export trade as one of the modern garment enterprise. Since its establishment, the company spirit of innovative business philosophy, committed to keeping pace with the times, actively learn from international fashion trends and brand management mode operation. The company has from the romantic Paris "AIMINA" and From the fashion of the country "AIJIEMAN" two professional women's brand.

The company has a clothing image design studio in China mainland at the same time and the establishment of raw material procurement base in South Korea, Europe and other places around the world, to capture the popular front for the latest information, bold innovation adoption of European and American design elements, and the Jiangnan area, through and reserved, refined native fashion culture, is committed to the modern all female fashion to create a unique style of dress.

The vigorous development of the Hangzhou Egerman Fashion Co., the company always uphold the customer is God's idea of marketing; a unique business model, and will become increasingly diversified consumer demand as the guidance, to meet the needs of modern women's diversified composite The demand of dress oneself, in the promotion of global economic integration, the enterprise culture into the fashion design brand concept, focus on the achievement of Egerman as Chinese Cenozoic apparel products on behalf of.
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Addr:   Zhejiang Province  The city of Hangzhou  Binjiang District Chutian Road No. 147