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Guangzhou sishengwei clothing Limited company Brand
Business Model
                                  Guangzhou sishengwei Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 June, is a set design, planning, marketing, production in one of the knitted garment enterprises, launched English senior brand - Name: filimix Chinese: for you,
                                  has been committed to the interpretation of women elegant fashion dream. Creative spirit is confident, intelligent female fashion and build. Brand focus on original, fashion clothing to design life demand for the purpose, the concise style into them, fully interpret the female calm and sensible, lead the women's self exploration in ordinary life.
                                  style characteristics: atmospheric design, clean cut, mysterious and magnificent style to the interpretation of the city cultural image of women full of self-confidence, romantic, elegant, noble. Surface materials mainly from Europe, Japan and South Korea imported, comfortable, Xinyi, excellent workmanship, excellent quality.
                                                              & nbsp;       brand culture: let the world because we and more beautiful.
                                                                                                    brand idea: Interpretation of European style, fashion leisure urban style, romantic and elegant.
                                                              & nbsp;     age: 28-38. Epitaxial 25--50.
                                  product structure: coats, shawls, sweaters, T-shirt, vest, skirt, trousers, dress and other accessories.
Main Products
Women's clothing brand
Contact information
Contact:   Filimix you
Addr:   Guangdong Province  The city of Guangzhou  Guangzhou uprising Road No. 1 Haiyin Binbin Fashion Plaza 8 floor, room 812