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Cupid was a target arrow, shows a man's momentum and energy show; down on one knee position transfer men open-minded modesty. The black background and white fashion, LOGO concise air, subtle successfully created the image of a man! Thin and light "SINCE1978" font outline aierni growth trajectory and flash footprint! There are men where there is love, there is love. There is AIERNI!

      April 17, 1902 in the north of England in a small town a seemingly ordinary baby boy was born, when parents hug and kiss him, like all parents in the world, such as the treasure. Of course, they don't know how the baby will experience the legendary life.

      It was during the war years, so the 6 year old aierni because of the war lost his father, he would of course like other bereaved children crying and pain, fortunately, he had so loved one of his mother, a mother from China. China to love The first impression is portrayed by Ernie mother. Mother has a China women of all the virtues, hard life, raising El ni. In Ireland, 12 years old, his mother sent him to the snow tailor, this is not how bright dazzling occupation, But at least rely through one's own efforts, can eat satisfied wear warm. The desire of the mother is so simple!

      mother's death caused no small blow to aierni, to know the importance of the mother in his life more than any. El Ni chose the former between the rise and fall, even a small tailor, the peak can also pursue a career.

So, aierni struggle all the way back from the store, apprenticed to a good tailor, never satisfied aierni began to pay attention to fashion. Until 1935, just over thirty years of age, the love between have company and brand, then aierni swept the world in many cities.

      whether aierni wealth have rich, has always had a desire in his heart, that is on the mother's yearning and nostalgia. He knew, to action, and he is the capital.

So ernny into China. He wants to love mother country like love great mother, who did not have time to mother's love into the ernny body.       Love is mutual, love is flowing, love is never ending. So in 2009, we carry forward a British old people dream, took over the baton of love, continue to run in the fast developing society avenue! El Ni, believe love, learn to love! Love family love her more! Every good thing and every good man, are worthy of our best efforts to have! If you have aierni become a proud, so we hope this world Scholars always proud of!
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