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A new generation of 2010 autumn and winter fashion clothing grand listed in a garment of Milan. Want you to store clothes more fashion, more easy to match? Then come Yi Milan women look! Ah Yi Milan boutiques, along with the era of tide Flow forward, update fashion. The first factory outlet "ah Yi Milan" (New International Women's) A comprehensive listing, Feng is the supply of fast and convenient, replenishment. The national unified retail price (40 percent off) sales, "ah Yi Milan" fashion store all products full color full size, seventy percent off Juxian, "ah Yi Milan" factory direct sales of new genera The company's new integration. A clothing apparel with Milan. Operation of the market and the promotion of time, her operation trajectory will be more clear, the target market is the next step, and strive to "bibcock" to international garment field, three years to become Asia Dress the largest logistics companies.
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Contact:   A garment of Milan
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Hangzhou City  The nine Ring Road No. 48