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Shenzhen City Austrian domain Hong Garments Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model

Division I is a professional engaged in women's clothing wholesale enterprises high-end brand inventory in Shenzhen, first hand access to manufacturers supply, with high quality, ultra low cost advantage for the vast number of two wholesalers, brand discount stores and all kinds of clothing businesses to provide adequate supply, companies and major garment Brand Company established a good cooperative relationship. The style of the product is rich, welcome customers come to negotiate cooperation class.

product positioning in the 25-40 age, style diversity, are the primary sources of goods, all the big shopping centers are equipped with counters.

24 hour telephone: 13928434865, online QQ:2508294370. welcome come to see goods!

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Main Products
Women's group of women's discount brand Weihuo wholesale discount brand Weihuo leftover stock Weihuo wholesale Shenzhen discount brand Weihuo wholesale inventory dress brand Shenzhen Weihuo Weihuo inventory dress Weihuo
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Contact:   He Hong
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Shenzhen City  Futian District Sha Wei Jindi Industrial Zone 115 401