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Business Model
Yi Hong Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985, in the general manager under the leadership of Mr. Liao Congnian, has been the spirit of "sincerity, innovation, service" spirit heart operation. In the years of continuous work, have all footwear manufacturing at home and abroad are sure, companies are also increasingly grow sturdily. At present, Yi Hong in Taiwan has two factories, with branch offices in Shantou and Dongguan, Chinese addition, in China and Asia also has dozens of service locations.

along with the science and technology development change rapidly, Yi Hong working will be advanced technology into the shoe machine, so that the footwear industry partners can improve the performance of scientific and technological progress brings enjoy shoemaking machine. Yi Hong really is more concerned about how to design the user guide, designed to meet the needs of users, can help the majority of shoe production base to save time and effort before help, help, after after lasting machine and other shoe machine.

good design is to create products of high value, high quality to provide the best products, but also to further create lasting machine more economic benefit, it is Yi Hong's goals. Internally, Yi Hong import ISO9000 quality management system, and the introduction of various advanced production, to provide staff training; foreign, provide the factory training, support training and enhance technical capacity. In addition, further to provide pre-sales, after sale of good service, let Yi Hong and the majority of the shoe customers not only the trading relationship, but to help each other, growing business partner.

Yi Hong is now one of the world's main supplier of shoes, in today's world of the Internet, to help customers for different shoe changing needs, and deal with increasingly large business, Yi Hong has established a fast and smooth flow of information network. Through the network, customers can immediately access the latest information and services. Look forward to working with you in the shoe industry in the world, to jointly build a beautiful new world shoe.

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Help, help, after before after lasting machine and other shoe machine
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Contact:   Manager Ding
Addr:   Shandong Province  The city of Qingdao  Shunhe Road vegetable market in southern Gaomi City, 188 Mi Ludong