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Zhengzhou Huate observe and control new technology Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Zhengzhou Huate observe and control new technology Co., Ltd. is committed to Chinese electrical measuring instruments, measuring devices, high and low voltage power transmission test equipment and power system automation product research, development and production. With efficient R & D center, first-class production base, as well as all over the country's marketing services network. Ten years the company scale is expanding constantly, constantly improve the quality of personnel, senior professional titles accounted for 30% of the total staff of company. Business has been involved in the field of electric power communication network to the city, rural power network and network engineering etc.. Production of electrical measuring instruments and power energy-saving products have to enter the international market. The company successfully created a market economy under high-tech private enterprises development path.
Main Products
The future, the company decision-making layer will have new development project to determine the project, we will continue to lead the trend of the times and high-tech products to market. Walter is bound to the persistent belief and morale and our customers to join hands in creating a brilliant tomorrow. In order to ensure the quality of our products, the continuous improvement of our company management, satisfy the user the explicit and implicit requirements, our company according to ISO9001:2000 standard, and called for the establishment of quality management system according to ISO9004:2000 standard, effective control of product design, development, production and service process and related supportive management process.
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Contact:   Luoping
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Longhai Road Zhengzhou City, No. 64