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  silk clothing, silk, silk waste and rags first. At the same time I also recovery of other textile stocks, such as inventory of textile fabrics, clothing factory accessories, clothing, rags and other scrap. Our company also year-round contract garment factory pieces. Welcome friends. We will come to see goods for cash transactions. Many of our recovery varieties, can contact coherent matter friend. Can also send the sample to us for price, then cash transactions. We also supply cloth wipe machine, long-term complete specifications, reasonable price. We can door-to-door. Our tenet is the price transparency, profit all hair. We also welcome friends. We are the same return lot. Hangzhou easy silk trade Co. Ltd. Shandong recycling company long-term recovery of a large number of various silk silk cloth rags, recovery, recycling waste recycling waste silk, silk and so on. Welcome to contact 13157197196 Mr wang. QQ476372615. had many garment factory, silk, silk cloth and silk production from waste is waste, and some when dealing with waste, some burned, greatly wasted costs for companies, in fact, silk cloth and silk waste is a price recovery is very good. Silk cloth can be recycled to good use, my company's long-term development and utilization of silk waste recycle service. Got a lot of evaluation. We always look forward to your contact. Contact 13157197196 Mr wang. A large number of recycling, cash transactions.   at the same time I also a large number of long-term recovery of a variety of silk fabrics, silk clothing, silk all related substances. Look forward to your contact.
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Silk fabrics silk fabric clothing inventory yarn silk thread sewing accessories waste rags fabric fabric stock recovery
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Contact:   Wang Fei
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  The city of Hangzhou  Economic Development Zone