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Guangzhou Tu Ya soft board factory Brand
Business Model
Guangzhou Tu Ya soft board factory, is a professional production of magnetic erasable writing and drawing materials of the new high-tech enterprises, committed to the magnetic Chinese domestic R & D, erasable writing and drawing materials and products production and sales. Magnetic erasable writing and drawing products have been popular for many years in Europe and the United States, is widely used in culture, education and Home Furnishing charge; for example, soft white board, has a traditional whiteboard does not have the flexibility, applicable to all types of planar surface, simple and quick installation, use seamless stain; according to users need to add two kinds of magnetic and ferromagnetic characteristics, also can design according to need to add photos, patterns of various design elements; compared with the ordinary whiteboard, with endurance, can design, easy to install, easy to carry and many other advantages, put on the market by one, they were warmly received by the consumers. I plant the production of rewritable magnetic writing and drawing products, all imported materials, the German technology and refined, material is durable, the product elegant, beautiful color; has now become the largest domestic erasable magnetic writing and drawing materials suppliers; cooperation with the vast number of merchants, office screen to produce the "(partition) stick" "whiteboard, teaching soft", "wall" children ", children million times writing book", "magnetic wallpaper wall" wait for a variety of goods in the market, a warm response, has obtained the good social benefit and economic benefit. I plant the spirit of refine on, the principle of good faith cooperation, looking forward to more businesses into the "soft white" field, develop more convenient life, improve the work efficiency of the magnetic erasable painted products, as China magnetic erasing the cause of development of painting and calligraphy as a force.
Main Products
The soft board, magnetic materials, erasable writing and drawing materials, graffiti materials wholesale and retail.
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Contact:   He Wanmei
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Shenzhen City  Tianhe District Wushan Long Road No. 198