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Beijing Xiangyang Hengye storage Co. Ltd Brand
Business Model
Beijing Xiangyang Hengye storage Co. Ltd. is set research and development, design, production, sales as one of the specialized storage shelves, logistics facilities manufacturing enterprises. Is located in Beijing City, Daxing District, the company has advanced production equipment, sophisticated production technology, perfect after sale service. Along with accurate grasp of customer needs, to the market to look far ahead from a high plane of the rapid rise in the logistics industry. Research the company has been committed to the steel structure application technology and the theory of mechanics, design and manufacturing and continuous research and development results applied to the shelf. Company through the introduction and digestion of developed countries in Europe and the United States and other advanced technology and techniques, research and development of a series of covered storage series, the transmission line, handling series, station apparatus and the container unit series and dozens of standard or non-standard logistics equipment, and according to the planning, design and manufacture of customer requirements, can meet the individual needs of many enterprises. The company has two shelf in the type of production line three weight shelf production line automatic electrostatic spraying production line, general processing equipment more than 20 Taiwan, the annual production capacity of 12000 tons. Products are widely used in logistics and warehousing system, military industry, electronic and electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, medical and health, food, automotive, railway, petrochemical, textile and other industries, customers all over the country. Quality from professional, Seiko fine to do, the supremacy of credibility is our business philosophy! Beijing Xiangyang Hengye storage Co. Ltd. adhere to the "best products, the purpose of the best service", we will continue with the high quality products and excellent services for our customers, to stand in the warehouse logistics industry is the most beautiful prospect!
Main Products
Xiangyang Hengye storage shelves, the main products include: heavy shelves, shelves, light shelves, household goods shelves, omnipotent angle iron shelves, book shelves, supermarket shelves, aluminium titanium alloy fine shelves, Variety shelves, wooden showcase series, racks, cabinets, cashier, non-standard shelves and other commercial facilities.
Contact information
Contact:   Meng Qinggao
Addr:   Beijing City  Beijing City  Fu Wei Road 4 No. 7 hospital