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Chaoyang shoes Brand
Business Model
          Chaoyang shoe city is Taiyuan's largest wholesale shoe city, is located in Chaoyang Street inside. Chaoyang shoe while a very large area, but because the establishment time is relatively long, so now to the point of view, the inside of the layout and the environment are not very ideal. In one of the most brands are not very emphasis on stalls image, no eye-catching Menlian, except the individual doing good brand. Despite this, Chaoyang shoe still gather around the country for the vast majority of footwear brand be settled down, every day to the Chaoyang shoe purchase of retailers are very much.
          Chaoyang shoe two part is Chaoyang shoe was built adjacent to the expansion, and the Chaoyang City, just across the street. Here, structure, environment relative Chaoyang shoe city better, has entered the good operation of rail. Because the environment is superior, part of the business is very good brand from the Chaoyang shoe to be settled down move in the past.
          source of Sanjiang shoe city not far from the Chaoyang shoe, to operate the sports brand is given priority to, it is understood that the shoe is currently operating bleak. Some of the domestic well-known sports brands such as Anta, 361, XTEP, Luyou, Hongxing Erke office in Chaoyang shoes near the office or independent window.
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