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Cangzhou Zhengming machine tool accessories manufacturing Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Cangzhou Zhengming machine tool accessories manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a company specializing in the production of machine tool accessory units, large-scale private enterprises set the development, design, manufacture and sale as a whole, our factory has precision CNC special equipment and professional and technical personnel. Is the machine tool accessories, machine shield industry production history of earlier, professional and strong, strong technical force, the domestic large scale industry enterprises. We rely on scientific and technological development, the enterprise full of vitality, the products are widely used in various machine and equipment maintenance, home on. 我们的产品包括:机床防护罩系列:包括钢板式机床防护罩、不锈钢板机床防护罩、柔性机床防护罩、风琴式防护罩(又名皮老虎)、伸缩式丝杠护罩又名圆罩、圆筒式防护罩、螺旋钢带保护套、卷帘防护罩、防护帘、防尘折布;机床拖链系列:包括钢制拖链又叫钢铝拖链、塑料拖链(工程拖链、尼龙拖链);排屑机系列:包括链板式排屑机、刮板式排屑机、磁性排屑机、螺旋式排屑机、复合式排屑机等机床排屑机类型;机床工作灯(JY20、JY37、JL系列、JB系列);其他机床附件:垫铁、JR-2型矩形金属软管、DGT导管保护套、可调塑料冷却管、防爆管、通风管、吸尘管、行程槽、撞块等五个机床附件系列及各种操作件(手轮、把手等)。 A set of high-tech essence abroad I plant a large number of scientific and technological talent, wisdom, scientific and standardized management, and advanced technology, reasonable price, timely delivery, perfect after sale service has won high praise from the vast number of users. Our company product variety complete, quality. In production, all the requirements of customers can be in the products of technology implementation, testing, and quickly developed an alternative product. If you have any requests or suggestions, please contact us, we will have professionals to provide timely solutions to the most and service for you. Looking to the future, is that the company will continue to adhere to the "honesty, innovation" business philosophy, constantly in search of a better, higher, make Zhengming products become tens of thousands of users preferred brand, sincerely welcome friends from various circles to visit the guidance!
Main Products
Steel Aluminium Tuolian, protective cover, work lights, plastic towline, scraps discharge machine
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Contact:   Wang Liuming
Addr:   Hebei Province  Shijiazhuang City  Pali Industrial Park in Hebei province Yanshan County Sun