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Know music device for Bridge West Pipeline Brand
Business Model
Know the musical instrument line -- Jin Yun Zheng in the office of Hebei water. The main business of Kim Yun guzheng, flute, cucurbit flute. Welcome to the province of music, art schools, music teachers to discuss cooperation! "Jin Yun guzheng stone inscription of" the sound of the famous composer He Zhanhao (Violin Concerto "the Butterfly Lovers" author), and spoke highly of. [Jin Yun guzheng] -- strict material selection, scientific management. High standard implementation of the quality index of the national, local and industry promulgated, "the pursuit of high grade" is his usual style, honor and he is worthy of International Musical Instruments Exhibition "guzheng making gold award", the national high-grade national musical instrument making competition "Gold Award", be worthy of "well-known trademark", "famous brand product" and "quality management award" of reputation, is worthy of consecutive years "the contract Shou credibility of the credit". [Jin Yun guzheng], the courage to change, innovation. The first attempt of modern management for all in the same industry, pay attention to absorb the adoption of valuable views and suggestions the parties experts, professors, process improvement, guqin and guzheng, accessories and won a number of national patents. [Jin Yun guzheng], based on industry, famous. China Musical Instrument Association governing units, "the Chinese national orchestral Association Professional Committee of the musical instrument manufacture reform" governing units, "the Chinese theatrical performance materials Association member units, Jiangsu province" enterprise contract credit management association "member units such as the honorary title, won many authoritative departments must. [Jin Yun guzheng] -- to every detail of every process from the start.
Main Products
The zither, flute, cucurbit, books, audio and video products
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Contact:   Cao Lansuo
Addr:   Hebei Province  Shijiazhuang City  Hebei province Shijiazhuang Yuhua West Road, northbound 300 meters west of Yuhua Le Grand Large Hotel