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Bjia International (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive modern enterprise group based on the industrial sewing machine brand, which is involved in venture capital, industrial manufacturing, import and export trade and real estate. It was established in 1989. Its collection group (China) Limited, Xiamen Capital Investment Co., Ltd., Xiamen Gao Jia import and export trade Co., Ltd., and Jinjiang's Ben Jia needle Trading Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary responsible for selling the brand of the industrial sewing machine brand.

After twenty years of training and hard work in China's capital market, Ben Jia has made progress in exploration and achieved remarkable results. The company has many famous industrial brands such as "Ben Jia", "true, good and beautiful", "transmitting energy" and "champion". It integrates R & D, design, manufacturing, testing, sales and service. Ben Jia always insists on "promoting customers with quality, and taking the brand to occupy the market". For this purpose, the Taiwan Ben Jia sewing machine company was set up in Taiwan, and the R & D and design center was set up in BEYOUNG, Japan. Ben Jia is one of the largest manufacturers of the world famous sewing equipment list in Japan.

This beauty has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "technology based, efficiency first". It adheres to "quality centered and innovation driven". It provides customers with comprehensive technical support. With the help of senior industry status, professional service team, strong economic strength and brand management strategy, it is committed to product innovation and brand growth, accelerating the industrialization and upgrading of diversified industries.

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