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Zhengzhou Zhonghong Group Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Zhengzhou Zhonghong group was founded in 2002, is a number of investment and development company, the oldest Zhonghong Shipping Co. Ltd., is now a comprehensive freight company has 4 Modern Logistics Park, distribution center, warehousing, packaging equipment center as one of the. Years of development, the macro group under relates to the construction, power, advertising, home economics and other industries ltd, respectively, macro Engineering Co. Ltd., Zhonghong steel doors and windows factory, Zhonghong power, lighting, energy-saving equipment department, the Macro Properties Limited, the macro advertising department, Zhengzhou Yimin community services limited. 09 years with the Lanzhou people's livelihood breakfast Engineering Company Limited is a joint venture set up in Zhengzhou City People's livelihood breakfast Engineering Co. ltd.. Manulife Sinochem Group Company to talent as the cornerstone of the continuous development of the company, excellent staff and graduates with potential and training over the years the company's responsibility, and cultivate a batch after batch of Manulife Sinochem Group business managers. Manulife Sinochem Group for staff to create the hard working environment in order to hone their will, give employees a rich opportunity to exercise their power; with the company told they create more opportunities for the development of! Changge City Agricultural Hui Yuan vegetables Co. Ltd. The company was founded in 2010, the registered capital of the Wu Bai million yuan. Have a flat, fertile soil, good water conditions of production base of 800 mu, the company existing staff 200 people, vegetables, 60 professional and technical personnel, senior title 1 people, intermediate title 2 people, primary title 15 people, technical personnel 42 people. The Rural Work Committee of Zhengzhou city agriculture, long-term technical guidance and training in the company. Company and the Henan Province, Kasetsart University signed a long-term technical cooperation agreement, Henan Agricultural University teaching demonstration base. Company has strong technical strength, is a production, scientific research, sales of integrated agricultural demonstration park. Changge City Agricultural Hui Yuan vegetables Limited is the corporate holding green vegetables production and management company, by Yang Linzhou chairman. The project will be based on agricultural Hui Yuan company as the carrier, engaged in the production of green vegetables, to accelerate the pace of agricultural industrialization.
Main Products
Manulife Sinochem Group, the macro construction, breakfast pavilion to join, Yimin housekeeping, the macro Logistics
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Yang
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Zhengzhou city two seven District South Sanhuan and University Road intersection 1000 meters south, Zheng Pinglu 68