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Go up century 70 time end, Tsinghua Sunshine chief scientist Professor Yin Zhiqiang started the research of solar heat utilization technology in the Department of electronic engineering, Tsinghua University. In 1984, Professor Yin Zhiqiang invented the "magnetron sputtering gradient aluminum nitrogen / aluminum solar selective absorbing coating", so that the solar heat collector mass production and commercialization of applications possible, directly led to the formation of the Chinese solar water heater market, is a shining example of national level research projects in china. After more than 20 years, Tsinghua sunshine to the technology development and innovation, and always maintain the leading international level, has become the industry recognized industry, industry founder promoters and standard setters! In Tsinghua sunshine under the guidance of China, solar technology has always been at the international leading position. "Al-N/Al" coating and "Sun Music" brand tube known as the "Dewar? China" (Dewar? China) vacuum tube. In recent years, the company launched an exclusive crown crown product series, diamond series and dual core module series, opened the curtain of the upgrade of solar water heater. High end separating type solar hot water system for the industry's top products, the perfect combination of architectural landscape and humanistic environment.
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