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Jiaozuo City Hongyu brake Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Jiaozuo City Hongyu brake Co., Ltd., is a flagship Chinese brake production industry, but also Chinese brake leader, one of the detection is also the base of disc brake, brake is set product development, development, manufacturing, service as one of the legal person qualification professional brake production enterprises. Company has strong technical strength, welcomed patrons. Contact: River Weisheng 13939186707 Pei Xinchun 13939169262 Li Lifen 13523204086
Main Products
Brake, drive device, disc brake, wind power brakes, explosion proof brake
Contact information
Contact:   Jiang Weisheng
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Jiaozuo City, Hongqiao Wuzhi County township of Hongqiao Industrial Zone