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Wuhan shuosen biotechnology Co Ltd (incubator) company website: company is a provincial and municipal level two high-tech enterprises, in 2007 by the Wuhan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau as the ten outstanding incubator graduation enterprise, the same year was named the city of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, in 2008 is listed as national torch plan project the Ministry of science and technology. Product introduction Shuosen peptide is registered in Wuhan shuosen company trademark for the brand, the application of modern biological engineering technology, through the use of multi strain fermentation process of multi substrate with international leading to more quality control points of the equipment after drying at low temperature and microorganism multifunctional plant peptide protein raw materials. Shuosen R is a registered trademark of our company. Peptide - protein existed in the peptide form, with a small molecular structure, is connected to the peptide chain and included a variety of biological activity of mycophenolate and a large number of probiotics and functional nutrition peptide and directly in vivo was no more nutrients absorption function obstacle. Peptide is different from the source of plant protein in general, it is by the plant large protein molecules through biological fermentation technology of enzyme action, to molecular scissors form, the large protein molecules shear for amino acid residues with small molecular structure, combined with the peptide protein by peptide bonds, and eliminates the in plant protein antigen nutrition factor and antigenic substance, at the same time a large number of rich probiotics and enzyme activity. Believe that the traditional protein absorption theory: human and animal digestion and absorption of protein is mainly in the form of amino acids, protein absorption to amino acid balance of the "bucket theory" as the basis, and based on this theory has gradually formed aquaculture industry, feed industry and animal nutrition core. That protein absorption theory of Modern: human and animal digestion and absorption of the protein is mainly in the form of a peptide, protein absorption rate is not in the amino acid balance as the foundation, but by how much, how fast protein into peptides based peptide found in theoretical innovation of the traditional protein absorption. The peptide protein molecular structure and deep cognitive absorption theory, we recognized shuosen peptide is a kind of high quality plant protein source, can be widely used in aquaculture, feed industry, fermentation industry, Shuo Sen peptide can replace soybean meal, product positioning: not more than soybean meal, soybean meal, the products fully meet the export standards of entry inspection and Quarantine Bureau control and no residues of harmful substances, is a kind of high quality, safe, efficient, green biological function of pure ecological products.
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