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Yantai Wantong Logistics Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Yantai Wantong Logistics Co. Ltd is a company committed to the development of highway, railway circulation industry large logistics enterprises, with more than ten years of national highway and railway transportation professional success experience. Since the establishment of the company, in good faith based in Shandong, radiation throughout the country to strength. Over the years, trust and support of the company through the unremitting efforts of all staff and the majority of new and old customers and industry colleagues, the company has built up in Shandong as the center, radiation nationwide logistics network. After China's accession to the WTO, the logistics industry is faced with opportunities and challenges, to establish a set of scientific and complete logistics management system: a new business philosophy, efficient information management tools, advanced transportation loading facilities, high-quality staff, quality service, affordable will enable you to enjoy high efficiency, safe and quick the! Our efforts are to be satisfied with Wantong logistics your hand in hand with you to create a brilliant career! Service concept: sincerity oriented, Yikeweizun, efficient, safe, fast, enabling customers to create the highest economic value of goods! Company purpose: to the quality of survival; from the management to be effective; rely on the service and development; with the credibility of brand. Enterprise faith: unity there is strength and credibility to survive, there is competition, there is opportunity, hard work is development.
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Contact:   Li Wenqiang
Addr:   Shandong Province  Ji'nan City  The happiness Road Zhifu District Yantai city Shandong Province, No. 10