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Shanghai Yinuo Logistics Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shanghai Yinuo Logistics Limited registered in Shanghai professional domestic logistics transportation company. At present, the Department of transportation has the question since the send short split vehicles more than 10 vehicles. The country can dispatch vehicles nearly more than 200 department, a container truck, bulk cargo, refrigerated truck waiting in the car models, models complete. The company has always attached importance to transport with reasonable resources and other transport enterprises have extensive transport union. In addition to road transport, the company has its own powerful team. In railways, air transport and other advantages of enterprise Qiangqiang cooperation. Established a huge transport network can provide a full range of transportation, warehousing services for customers.
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Logistics, transportation, freight, Shanghai logistics, transportation company
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Contact:   Xie Zhihua
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  Shanghai Putuo District Wuwei Road No. 1