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Cangzhou Marriott pipeline equipment Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Cangzhou Marriott pipeline equipment Co. Ltd., is a production and sales of power plant components and fittings pipes miscellaneous North China professional manufacturers, the company since its inception, occupy the market with strength, in good faith for customers, so that the company continue to grow and constantly improving efficiency, and have a first-class production equipment and advanced detection means. I plant the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of enterprise, with high quality products, excellent service, and continuously improve the share of domestic and international market, the past few years products sell well all over the country production of major products: First, power plant pipe fittings series (package supporting GD87.GD2000.74DD, manhole, rectangular holding manhole, flue ash hole, 74DD explosion-proof door, door, sprocket valve drive device, tube type valve driving device, tray, tube type steam hydrophobic collector, water flow indicator, three to shift indicator, creep measurement point, drainage funnel, floor drain, soft rubber joints, power transmission joint, to the pump inlet filter screen, multi-stage single grade throttle orifice plate, high-temperature throttle lever, metal corrugated compensator, the flow measurement device, a throttling device, 02S403 cover type ventilation pipe, water pipe, water trumpet horn mouth of pipe support, rotary blocking plate, a 8 word blind plate etc.. Two, high and low voltage series fittings (elbow, three care packages through, reducer, big bend, flange, pipe cap, head, tube seat, socket etc.). Three, pipe support and hanger series (package supporting spring hanger, constant force spring hanger, combined dish spring hanger etc.). Four, wear resistant pipe fittings, anti-corrosion, insulation pipe and tubing. These products are widely used in chemical industry, oil refining, power, mining, metallurgy, construction, shipbuilding, heat and gas transportation and other industries. The company adhere to the "persevere and strive to perfect" business philosophy, focus on the production and development of human resources, is the company's foothold root; scientific production process, strict quality management, advanced service concept, professional sales is the company's development of the. We have the spirit of "quality-oriented, honest, serious and sustained" spirit of enterprise and our customers hand in hand with the progress!
Main Products
Production and sales of power plant pipe fittings, pipe supports and hangers, corrosion resistant pipe fittings, wear resistant pipe, pipe fittings, pipe, cloth machine hardware products.
Contact information
Contact:   Song Yinghao
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Yanshan County Yanshan County Industrial Park South Ring Road East first