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Shenzhen Xinxin Packing Products Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shenzhen Xinxin Packing Product Co., Ltd is a service from the high-tech industry of private enterprises, the company was founded in 2004, has a staff of 100-150 people, production plant area of 4500 square meters. The high speed development of the demand of the market and enterprises based on the. In 2005 in Baoan District Songgang town set up new into plastic products Co. Ltd., addition of 5 production lines, a R & D department, fully guaranteed in the delivery cycle and product quality, the company has passed IS09001:2008 quality management demonstration, the company adopts an non-toxic tasteless raw materials of polyethylene (PE, LDPE. CPP, PET composite material mainly products are divided into: (a), anti-static bag series: PE anti-static bags, anti-static PO bags, anti-static bubble bags, anti-static shielding bags, anti-static bag, mesh bag, anti static PE bag (two), vacuum bag series: nylon bag, aluminum foil bag, aluminum bags. (three), anti-static series of products:, anti-static finger sets, anti static sponge, EVA anti-static, anti-static EPE (four), anti vibration series: EPE, bubble (Bao Lilong), bubble bag, conductive foam IXPE, EVA. pearl cotton bag (Kraft bubble envelopes,)
Main Products
Packaging materials, anti-static products, anti-static bag, anti vibration products
Contact information
Contact:   Yuan Xian
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Shenzhen City  Baoan District ri town street do virtual back village 28