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A lot of home appliance repair center, Xi'an Brand
Business Model
A lot of Xi'an appliance repair center is a professional customer service, service as one of the home appliance customer service team. Our employees are young vigor, has the rich experience, the company's business to flourish, made one after another brilliant performance. Professional for many years engaged in household air conditioning installation, dismantling, moving, cleaning and maintenance, testing and fluoride; household central air-conditioning and central air-conditioning repair and maintenance, installation, design, installation, repair of cold storage form design series refrigeration equipment repair and maintenance business. Company has strong technical strength, high quality of personnel, unified management, unified training, uniform dress, hold card mount guard, good quality of service; has many years of domestic and commercial air-conditioning repair experience, has long been engaged in major brand air-conditioning repair service.
Main Products
Xi'an electrical appliance repair, Xi'an air conditioning repair, Xi'an TV repair, Xi'an recovery of air conditioner, refrigerator repair Xi'an
Contact information
Contact:   Liu Jingli
Addr:   Shaanxi Province  Xi'an City  Yanta District of Xi'an City