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Beijing Beike Beijing big high tech agricultural science and technology company, the core area in Zhongguancun -- the National University Science and Technology Park, is a comprehensive research and development institutions a collection of scientific research, production, marketing in one; to promote the development of industrialized agriculture in China, the rural services as their responsibility; with strong technological advantages, is committed to bio molecular science, breeding of new varieties, soilless culture etc. the high-tech research and development of agricultural science and technology, and achieved fruitful results. Research and development of "simple and efficient without the new achievements of soil cultivation technology", the state has to provide patent grant. The outcome caused widespread social concern, in April 25th 08 CCTV seven sets of "science and technology garden" to "simple high-efficiency soilless cultivation technology" as the title of the report, in January 11, 2010 the "agriculture and forestry science and Technology TV" to "a cucumber caused business opportunities" as the title of the report, in September 25th 07 "science and Technology Daily" to "efficient cultivation without soil promote the development of modern agriculture" as the title of the report, in September 25th 07 years "science and technology" to "information express simple soilless cultivation of success" as the title of the report, in March 11th 08 "market information" to "thank your newspaper reported soilless cultivation led me on rich road" as the title of the report, and other authoritative media have reported the North Branch Beijing simple no new achievements of soil cultivation. Many of the authority of the media repeatedly reported, illustrates the advanced technology reliable, not to mention the plant growth results cannot be false, seeing is believing. North Beijing, welcome you to my unit scale simple high-efficiency soilless cultivation field visits, to before it is best to first understand soil planting vegetables growth results of the situation, so you from the investment size, management difficulty, yield, quality and other aspects of the comparative advantage, if not the same compensation and introduce you to all losses. I believe you will be feeling the on-the-spot investigation of modern technology of the magic, will find a yet to be excavated green gold! In order to promote vegetable production in China from small-scale peasant economy to high efficiency plant transition management, enterprise production, promote the vegetable industry upgrade, change the backward situation of vegetable production in china. As soon as possible to improve the industrial layout, form a comprehensive green vegetables cogeneration co marketing system. The USTB Beijing soilless cultivation high-tech achievements into industrial advantages for the benefit of social, Beike Beijing Great now foreign promotion training "simple high-efficiency soilless cultivation technique", welcome a person with breadth of vision cooperation! My unit can be the first to send experts on-site guidance, production reached my unit introduces consistent production results before harvest technique guide fee, make sure you no danger of anything going wrong!
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Soilless cultivation, soilless cultivation technique, soilless cultivation of vegetables, soilless cultivation materials
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Addr:   Beijing City  Beijing City  No. 30 Xueyuan Road State University Science and Technology Park Fangxing Building No. 706 (University of science and technology, North Gate)