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Dongguan City Jian Hua Machinery Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
  "Jian Hua Machinery Co., Ltd." was established in Hongkong in 1980, twenty years has specialized in R & D and production of "Jian Hua Machinery (ribbon) and finishing equipment series:" high temperature, room temperature or high temperature dual continuous ribbon dyeing machine, calender, ribbon ribbon slurry hot setting machine, ribbon horizontal packaging machine, dyeing and finishing equipment planning etc..
tenet is "quality first, technology first, customer first, service first" business philosophy, continuous innovation, in order to make progress. In two of 00 for two years, for the further development of the mainland market, to better serve our customer base, the company with rich
production experience and strong technical force advanced, the textile industry in Southern China's largest production base of the Pearl River Delta Center -- Dongguan City, has set up a "Dongguan mayor An Jianhua hardware machinery factory, Dongguan City Jian Hua Machinery Co., ltd.".
"Jian Hua Machinery (ribbon) since the dyeing and finishing equipment series" product launch, product in an efficient, energy-saving, stable, economy to win the majority of customers praise, the company with good service, honest and prudent management to obtain the trust of our customers and certainly group, the "Jian Hua machinery (ribbon) and finishing equipment series" products sold at home and abroad. Dyeing equipment has been supplied to domestic ribbon each big industry production of dyeing machinery manufacturers, products are exported to Germany, Holland, the United States, Bangladesh, Brazil, Thailand and other countries. At present the company in high temperature and high speed continuous dyeing machine in the national leading level, has become the country's largest continuous ribbon dyeing machine manufacturers.. The present high speed dyeing machine, high and normal temperature continuous band mobility range and yield are as follows:
A, heavy belt, safety belt: 1 ~ 50000 yards / day (10 hours)
two, ribbon, nylon color sideband, net yarn belt, cotton belt, lace, zipper tape: from 10 to 500000 yards / day (10 hours)
three, elastic belt, elastic belt: 5 ~ 150000 yards / day (10 hours)
also equipped with good after-sales service: free maintenance for one year, one year after the lifelong service.
"Dongguan Jian Hua Co., Ltd." will continue to adopt modern mode of quality management system, continuously improve product quality, create high-quality production team, committed to the development and production of products.
sincerely hope that with the vast number of textile industry elite work together to create a better tomorrow!!!
Main Products
Ribbon dyeing machine, calender, ribbon ribbon slurry hot setting machine, weaving, dyeing and finishing equipment planning horizontal packaging machine etc.
Contact information
Contact:   Xu Zhaobin
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Dongguan City  Sha Tin Town big mud industrial zone of Linhai Industrial Park