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Shijiazhuang Xili postpartum recovery center Brand
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Products and instruments of Sheri has the world's leading postpartum, postpartum weight loss reduction, dispelling striae gravidarum, heal scars and project, solve the problem of shape, postpartum mother because of the production and the emergence of safety and health, promote postpartum mothers breastfeeding. To activate the body's metabolic mechanism to improve the self-healing capacity of the human body, stimulate female remediation potential, alleviate postpartum women even prenatal legacy sub health problems, so as to help women obtain perfect and healthy physique, and effectively adjust the postpartum mother mental state, physical and mental double perfect, give your baby a beautiful, positive mothers. A, postpartum recovery series: dispelling striae gravidarum, dispel pregnancy line, remove scar, postpartum weight, areola of breast improvement, stop breast milk, to repair the pelvis, chest plastic, warm house warming the kidney, ovarian maintenance. Two, body shaping series: body weight (holographic green diet), thin waist, thin upper arm, thigh, hip and buttock thin. Three, health care series: breast dredge, dredge, head kidney strong maintenance, neck and shoulder dredge. Four, beauty care series: facial hydrating, cured printed acne, freckle elimination of yellow, thin face lifting, repair of red blood, eye wrinkles, tighten the neck support.
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Postpartum recovery series, body shaping health care series, series, series of beauty
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Contact:   Liu Yunyun
Addr:   Hebei Province  Shijiazhuang City  Shijiazhuang Zhongshan East Road and Green Garden Street intersection northbound East West 1805