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Wuyi to revitalize the cabinet industry Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
The main products of Wuyi revitalize the cabinet industry limited company sales of hand: shelves, shelves, mobile shelves, file Shelves, accounting shelves, smart shelves, deluxe stainless steel shelves, shelves, shelves shelves single-sided, double-sided, luxurious bookcase, bookshelf double column, single column shelves etc.. Can also be based on customer demand, professional designers tailor-made. And have a professional staff face to face to the customer to explain the content of product. Let the customer understand the deeper understanding of products, our company's production process, after sale service and technical level. Let the spirit of customers to buy the rest assured that with the comfortable worry free spirit and use our practical action to eight customer. The formation of scientific management, production scale, product serialization, sales network. Serve: relocation repair shelves, archive dense shelf relocation repair hand shelves, mobile shelves relocation relocation of repair, repair, accounting shelves relocation repair. Dense frame repair, file Shelves repair, repair hand shelves, mobile shelves shelves repair repair, accounting.
Main Products
Shelves, manual shelves, smart shelves, electric shelves, archive dense shelf
Contact information
Contact:   Xiao Liwen
Addr:   Hebei Province  Shijiazhuang City  Wuyi County Bridge Industrial Park