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              force elastic webbing (Garment) Co. Ltd is located in the famous production in chrysanthemum, light industry is outstanding, the world famous Zhongshan City Xiaolan Town, humanities and unique geographical environment, economic prosperity, the investment environment is superior, the amphibious transportation is convenient place.

              the company is producing all kinds of rubber products company, founded in 1989, covers an area of 15000 square meters, plant construction area of 9000 square meters. Company a full set of production equipment imported from Italy, switzerland. With a 1 inch flat rubber calculated daily output of 3000. (*), the annual output 1000000. Products applied to clothing, handbags, footwear industry.

              at the same time, the company set up "fashion factory", is the production of woven (all styles) products, high-tech modern equipment, to trousers calculated monthly production of up to 50000. Products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Australia and other regions.

              due to improve business management mechanism, has a group of senior technical staff and management personnel. After more than ten years of actively explore and make unremitting efforts, has developed into an entity of the strong strength of the company.

              the enterprise has always been to re quality, Shou Credit as the fundamental operation, and thus win the trust of customers at home and abroad. In the future, the company is willing to first-class quality with you defend your brand reputation, by the unique style of marketable products with you to develop new markets, with suitable price and you share a common interest.

              sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to carry out the operations and!

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