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Suzhou Hualong knitwear Co., Ltd.    No VIP Member

Suzhou Hualong knitwear Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model

              Suzhou Hualong Knitting Co. Ltd was founded in 1996, and a German Karl Mayer weaving equipment more than 50 Taiwan, and with the Spanish Cadt computer design system. Companies specializing in the production of elastic and non elastic lace, fabric, mesh fabric and curtains, and according to the customer incoming sample custom, the product is suitable for underwear, dress, children's clothing, toys, gift packaging and interior decoration, annual output of more than 8000000 meters.

Main Products
Accessories; knitted fabric; lace; other
Contact information
Contact:   The manager
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Suzhou City  Kumho Road, Wujiang city Jiangsu Yundong Development Zone No. 598