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Business Model
The company is operating: comprehensive service enterprises trans regional domestic tourism charter, business meetings, business car bus, wedding car, airport shuttle, advisory services and other industry as a whole, to foreign business, access to the various countries enterprise circles, both at home and abroad, foreign trading company in Beijing, conferences, sports and cultural exchanges activities to provide a full set of vehicle solution. Provide a full range of customer service. Beijing stellar business car rental Co., Ltd is committed to by knight service and perfect hardware facilities and high-grade service in the community, the company has the most outstanding management personnel, customer facing stance with the operating quality of modernization, network, we always follow the people-oriented management style, and equipped with experienced, familiar with traffic, excellent technology, law-abiding drivers. All vehicles are equipped with GPS satellite positioning navigation, make services more secure, fast, and efficient. Won dozens of world famous company's trust, and established long-term cooperation relationship with us. Service project Airport shuttle car: our company can provide airport shuttle car for the customer, and can be accepted by customers, access to the airport or on behalf to send the guests The enterprise bus: our enterprises and institutions to undertake the work on the commuter train shopping malls and supermarkets. Festival activities which are held car: for all kinds of festival activities in Beijing and the neighboring provinces and cities, our company may provide the festival work for your car, a VIP reception car. Culture sports car: whoever holds each kind of large-scale cultural and sports activities in Beijing and the neighboring provinces and cities, our company can provide work for your car, Star car reception car. Our company has been involved in the CCTV "the same song" concerts and other cultural and sports activities for the reception car. The conference uses a car: where in Beijing or neighboring provinces and cities held various meetings, our company may provide the conference uses a car for you, such as business group of vehicles, distinguished guests and delegates at the meeting shuttle car, sightseeing or group of vehicles. Hotel supporting vehicles: our company is willing to provide the necessary VIP transport service for top Gaestgiveriet Hotel, make your guests arrive at the hotel before leaving the hotel to enjoy or can continue to enjoy high-end car service. Service guarantee 1, our driver courtesy is enthusiastic, meet the passengers, have good grooming, have positive work attitude; 2, our driver has excellent driving technology, many years of practical work experience, familiar with the road in Beijing and surrounding areas, make your trip more at ease; 3, our drivers have good service
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Business car rental, lease Audi Buick, leasing, Mercedes Benz leasing, rental car
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Contact:   Sun Hongtu
Addr:   Beijing City  Beijing City  Haidian District Road 20, 25 floor Guoxing building